Golf Event

Friday,  April 29 at 8:30 am.  Tee times begin

Bayou Golf Course

2800 Ted Dudley Dr

Texas City, TX77592

Cost  $45 per golfer includes green fees, cart and box lunch

Contact: Lori Regelbrugge Ray

713 824-1218 



Friday, April 29, 2022 
South Shore Harbour Resort Oasis Club
7:00 - 11:00 pm
Light Snacks & Cash Bar

$5.00 per person 
Make checks payable to:  SoHo Class of '76 Reunion & mail to: SoHo Class of '76 Reunion, c/o Lori Regelbrugge Ray, 1810 Barleton Way., Houston, TX 77058
OR $5.00 Venmo or Paypal contact Lori


PAY BY CREDIT CARD on this site
$6.00 per person. (includes credit card fees.) Purchase ticket below.

Saturday, April 30, 2022
South Shore Harbour Resort Marina Plaza 
8:00 pm - 12:00 am
Dinner & Dancing to Music played by Fellow Classmate DJ, Lee Usry

$65.00 per ticket - SoHo Alumni & their guest

*Make checks payable to: SoHo Class of '76 Reunion & mail to: SoHo Class of '76 Reunion, c/o Lori Regelbrugge Ray, 1810 Barleton Way, Houston, TX 77058.

$65.00 for Paypal or Venmo contact Lori


$70.00 per person if paid by credit card. Purchase below. (this includes credit card & processing fees)

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Golf Tournament Registration$45.00
When:04/29/2022 8:30 am Tee times begin
Where:Bayou Golf Course
Number of Tickets:
Friday Night Social$6.00
Pay by credit card (additional fees added to registration price to cover credit card expenses.)
When:04/29/2022 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Where:SSH Oasis Room
Number of Tickets:
Reunion Dinner & Dance - SoHo '76 Alumni$70.00
Pay by credit card (additional fees added to registration price to cover credit card expenses.)
When:04/30/2022 8:00 pm - 12:00 am
Where:South Shore Harbour Marina Plaza
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Albert Cisneros
Alexandra Gerlach (Taylor)
Alvin Prentice
Angie Carter (Guest)
Anita Pena (Young)
Annette Bang (Samaniego)
Arlene N/a (Hon)
Barrow Manning (Kathy)
Barry Tremont
Beri Wing (Hartwell)
Bert Trevino
Beth Leathers (Guest)
Betty Kappes (Morgan)
Beverly Johnson (Barker)
Bill Edwards
Bill Lilly
Bobby Birkhead
Boyd Naegeli (Naegeli)
Brenda Case (Webb)
Carl Morris
Carla Razza (Brooks)
Carol Fox (Henrichs)
Casey Ward
Cathy Usry (Guest)
Cathy Densford (Price)
Celeste Shank (Ellich)
Celeste Steen (Haseltine)
Charles Davis
Cheryl Austin
Cheryl Marquis (Cowey)
Chris Bogren
Connie White (Alexander)
Corey Cook
Cyndi Warren (Blau)
Cynthia Bobo (Lamb)
Danny Dickson
David Densford
Dawn Mosteit (Guest)
Debbie Brace (Digulio)
Debbie Davis (Moreno)
Deborah Miller (Womack)
Denise Munro (Guest)
Deuley James
Don Deberry
Donna Corbell (Tremont)
Drew Willis
E.j. Pruitt (Guest)
Earlene Dulaney
Eddie Davis
Eddie Hughes
Elaine Edwards
Elinor Tinsley
Freda Blizzard (Guest)
Gaylynn Wojtek (Myers)
Glenn Bjornaas
Guy Myers
Hal Childers
Hollie Warren
Hope Kelley (Guest)
Jaci Hlubin (Hlubin)
James Lopez
Janet Finley (Caliva)
Janice Johnson (Birkhead)
Jared Hunt
Jay Hunt
Jeff Corley
Jeff (Jay) Jackson
Jennifer Penland (Guest)
Jerry Digulio
Jim Jones
Joe Nance
John N/a (Carter)
John Jones (Jones)
John Mckinley
John Weber
Jp (John) Velasquez (Delao)
Julie Edwards (Bechtle)
Julie Bowen (Harris)
Julie Collins (Zimmerman)
Karen Tanner (Davis)
Karen Eliason (Strawder)
Karen Case (Summers)
Kathy Manning (Barrow)
Kathy Guffey (Herman)
Katie Lilly
Keith Davis
Kellie Pollard (Guillory)
Kelly Jackson (Guest)
Kelly Payne
Ken Steele
Kenneth Carter
Kimberly Hunt (Guest)
Kirk Hebert
Kurt Pizalate
Larry Hartwell
Lee Usry
Linda Hubert
Lisa Vaughan (Frizzell)
Liz Hartsell (Calhoun)
Lori Moon (Guest)
Lori Regelbrugge (Ray)
Lorie Smith (Pruitt)
Loy Akens
Lynn Hartin (Thuna)
Lynne Hayes (Trevino)
Marcella Plunkett
Maria Kietzman (Guest)
Mark Alexander
Mark Currier
Mark Kelley
Mark Sparks
Marti Ashabranner
Marty Caliva
Melissa Stevens (Barton)
Melissa Mcwhorter (Hausam)
Melvin Verrett
Michael Blevins
Michael Thuna (Guest)
Mike Weber
Nancy Esterlein (Davis)
Nancy Martinez (Martinez)
Nona Hebert (Guest)
Pamela Reeves (Comer)
Pat Akens
Pat Tinsley
Patricia Kupka (Prentice)
Perry Watson
Randy Ashford
Randy Patrick
Rebecca Tipton (Tipton)
Rick Henrichs (Guest)
Robert Bruce Summers
Ronnie Leathers
Ronny Webb
Royce Burgins
Sandy Contreras (Litzman)
Sandy Rodgers (Roberson)
Shari Rhodes (Hughes)
Sharon Philips (Philips)
Sheila Sizemore (Steele)
Shelly Jackson (Wingard)
Sheryl Black (Warren)
Sidney Sparks (Dawson)
Steve Deardorff
Steve Kerns
Steve Mosteit
Steve Warren
Steven Carter
Stuart Wood
Sue Carter (Guest)
Tearney Denning (Fallows)
Ted Penland
Terrie Owens (Cook)
Thomas Hart
Tim Akens
Tim Moon
Tina Carlson (Mckinley)
Tom Ashabranner
Tommy Morgan
Tommy Plunkett
Tommy Womack
Vicki Tucker (Sparks)
Vickie Hollander (Cook)
Vivian Peeples (Clark)
Wayne Schwartz
Wes Gilbreath
Wes Hubert
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